Our Programs

Preschool Dance Class

The Preschool WEBBY dance class is a 45 minute class offered to children ages 3, 4 and 5, and is a combination class offering ballet, creative movement, tap and tumbling. The preschool curriculum incorporates over 250 choreographed dance routines along with age appropriate music. In addition, our caring and experienced instructors also utilize many fun props such as Pom poms, maracas, tambourines, Hawaiian leis and magic wands. Children will benefit by improving motor skills, brain development, muscle toning and coordination all in a positive and creative atmosphere.

Attire: WEBBY Dance Company T-shirt (included with the registration fee), non restrictive shorts or leggings, ballet and tap shoes

Ballet, Creative Movement and Tumbling Class

Our 30 minute Creative Movement and Tumbling class combines dance with imaginative play. This action packed class is appropriate for preschool age children and also caters to the toddler age group. This class provides exciting weekly themes such as Jungle Adventure, Down on the Farm, Under the Sea and Prince and Princess. Children move to their favorite music and our interactive props encourage active participation. The students also learn beginning tumbling skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, bridges and head stands. The Creative Movement and Tumbling class will benefit your child by improving body awareness, rhythm, timing, coordination and imagination.

Attire: WEBBY Dance Company T-shirt, comfortable pants, leggings or shorts and ba

All Boys Creative Movement and Tumbling Class

Our creative and imaginative 30 minute all boys class focuses on coordination, balance, flexibility and fun! Your child will love our weekly themes designed especially for active boys ages 3,4 and 5. Some of the student’s favorite themes are Cars, A Bugs Life, Jungle Safari, Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Adventure. Our creative instructor will build the lesson plan around the action packed themes while focusing on creative movement and tumbling skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, head stands, crab walks, bridges and cartwheels. Let your child’s imagination run wild as they learn fun dance steps and mat skills while increasing body awareness, fitness and motor skills.

Attire: WEBBY Dance Company T-shirt, Comfortable pants, leggings or shorts and sneakers or tennis shoes.

Gymnastics Class

Our action packed 30 minute gym class will introduce your child to beginning tumbling skills and stunts. Our professional gymnastics instructor will guide the students through a variety of gymnastics stations such as mini trampoline, balance beam, tunnel, tumbling mat and rhythmic ribbons. Your child will also learn a variety of weekly choreographed floor routines and one on one stunts. The gym class always ends with an action packed obstacle course, group activity or a parachute fun! You will notice improvements in your child’s coordination, fitness, muscle strength and flexibility.

Attire: WEBBY Dance Company T-shirt, Comfortable pants, leggings or shorts and sneakers or tennis shoes.

Tap & Jazz Class

This 45 minute combination class is taught to early elementary age students. Your child will delve into the techniques of ballet, jazz and tap routines. The students will dance to up-beat, up-tempo songs that are both age appropriate and challenging. Each child will get individual attention as the instructor emphasizes ballet positions, steps and terminology, jazz and pop choreography and classic tap steps and routines. This class also incorporates small hand props such as canes, hats and feather boas. Your child will benefit by developing their own unique jazz style, fine tuning their musical ear and building self confidence.

Attire: WEBBY Dance Company T-shirt, Non-restrictive pants, leggings or shorts and jazz shoes and tap shoes.

Jazz & Hip-Hop Class

This high energy 45 minute class introduces the fundamentals of traditional jazz and current hip-hop techniques to elementary age students. This class will focus on several styles of dance such as traditional jazz, broadway, modern and contemporary, as well as current hip-hop skills. Our instructor will challenge your child with rhythmic, center floor jazz combinations, leaps, turn, intricate foot work and choreographed routines. This class focuses on encouraging the students to develop their own style of movement by wrapping up the class with a fun and interactive freestyle dance session. The students will love learning new, weekly routines to their favorite, age appropriate music of today.

Attire: WEBBY Dance Company T-shirt, Comfortable pants, leggings or shorts and jazz shoes.

Cheer Class

This 45 minute spirited class offers elementary age children the opportunity to learn popular cheers, chants, stunts and routines. Our cheer instructor will begin each class with a warm up and floor stretch while concentrating on splits, straddles, heel stretches and high kicks. The cheer students will then learn chants, cheer positions and jumps. Students will focus on toe touches, hurkies and pikes as well as arm positions such as daggers, candlesticks, t-position and touchdown. Our professional cheer coach will then introduce the cheer student to round offs, cartwheels back walk overs and back bends. We always end our action packed cheer class with a choreographed pom routine and a team building activity to build unity. Students will benefit greatly by building self esteem, confidence, flexibility and muscular strength.

Attire: WEBBY Dance Company T-shirt, non restrictive leggings, pants or shorts and sneakers or tennis shoes.

Toddler Class

This unique class caters to the 2 year old age group. This 30 minute class combines creative movement and story telling through dance! Let your toddler’s imagination run wild as we explore such themes as Circus Adventure, Ocean Motion, Down on the Farm and Fairytale Garden. Children move to their favorite music and utilize fun hand props which encourage active participation. This enriching program strengthens coordination and cognitive skills in a fun and positive atmosphere.

Attire: WEBBY Dance Company t-shirt, Non restrictive shorts, pants or leggings and tennis shoes or sneakers.